On every element of the car, the attention to detail is unparalleled, taking inspiration from the craftsmanship of the original Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa. The body is made of hand-beaten aluminium, using the same process with which the original cars were made. The paint is the same as that applied to the range cars, as is the front badge. The front lights, the rear brake lights and the horn are fully working, the rims are re-proportioned on the basis of the original Borrani rims, and the tyres are Pirelli Cinturato.

Moving onto the interior, the transmission tunnel has been removed and the two original seats are replaced with seating that can accommodate an adult and junior. Even the same piping pattern as the original seats has been reproduced by the Centro Stile on the Ferrari Testa Rossa J. To ensure the quality of the interior matches the beauty of the exterior, the leather used for the seats is the same as that used on Ferrari’s modern range cars. The steering wheel is supplied by Nardi, like the steering wheel of the original car, with which the world’s smallest steering wheel quick release system has been developed to facilitate easy entry into the car for the driver.

The dashboard houses the instruments with the original design and provides the driver with all the necessary performance information including; battery temperature, engine temperature, speed, energy delivered and battery charge level.

Next to the instruments is the beautifully designed Manettino, inspired by that used in the Ferrari 812 Superfast, which allows the driver to change the driving mode of the car. To cater for drivers of all abilities and ages, four driving modes have been carefully designed:

• NOVICE MODE: 1kW / 24 km/h*
• COMFORT MODE: 4kW / 40 km/h*
• SPORT MODE: 10 kW / 80 km/h*
• RACE MODE : 12kW / 80 km/h*
*Top Speed for US & Canada: 19mph / 30kph

The driving modes have been developed to make the driving experience as safe as possible for different driver profiles: the Novice mode has been designed to allow young drivers a calm approach to driving the vehicle, with controlled acceleration. In Novice mode the car can also be remotely deactivated for increased control over younger drivers. Comfort, Sport, and Race modes are increasingly more aggressive with instant acceleration and higher top speeds. Finally, to avoid accidental changes in driving mode, the Manettino can only be moved with the keys inserted.