While the top quality of the car makes it a perfect collector’s item, the car has been developed with the utmost attention from the point of view of Vehicle Dynamics and Safety. The car has four driving modes selected via the manettino key on the dashboard that delivers a range of performance modes that suit every driver.

‘Novice’ mode allows the user just 1kW of power and features a remote kill fob that also limits the range the vehicle can be from them. ‘Comfort’ mode will allow 4kW of power to be used and allow the driver to begin to explore the full potential of the vehicle up to  40km/h. ‘Sport’ mode delivers 10kW of power and allows the car to reach its top speed of 80km/h. The final mode ‘Race’ unleashes the full 12kW of power available in the Testa Rossa J’s fastest accelerating configuration. The Top Speed of the Ferrari Testa Rossa J in the US & Canada will be 19mph /30kph.

The Ferrari Testa Rossa J is powered by a 48V electric motor that delivers instant torque from 0 rpm, powered by removable batteries mounted in the front of the vehicle that gives up to 90km of range.

Whilst being a faithful replica of the original vehicle, safety has been a key driver throughout the design process. The Ferrari Testa Rossa J features hydraulic disc brakes at all corners, provided by Brembo, with a dual circuit master cylinder. The tyres are period-correct Pirelli units which deliver performance, as well as safety of a fully capable all round historic tyre, and Pirelli have been in close collaboration throughout the design and development process.

The Novice mode described above allows the owner to supervise younger drivers at safe speeds and retain full control of the vehicle from a distance. A removeable key ensures that the mode cannot be changed after it has been chosen by the supervisor.